Announcing: Women Film Directors 2

We've had such an incredible time uncovering these amazing female filmmakers with you that we're back to do it again in 2018!  We are so pleased to announce La Cineémathèque Film Club's Spring 2018 series: Women Film Directors 2.  We're going to go even deeper into the world of women-created cinema and we hope you're as excited as us!

WFD2 Cover.jpg

La Cinémathèque Film Club continues its series of Women Film Directors. The series is a chronology of pictures directed by women from around the world. It explores the social, economical and political aspects of each director’s home country and the cinematic language of the female filmmaker. After each screening, there will be a discussion about the different messages and viewpoints of these great directors, their impact on the world of cinema and their impact on the lives of women from various cultures.  Memberships are available now from SOPAC on their website, at the box office, or by phone at (973) 313-2787.

Your membership covers three films for $50.  These screenings will be at 2pm on Sundays in the SOPAC Loft on the following dates:

MAR 25 The Piano (1993, Campion)
APR 22 Blackboards (2000, Makhmalbaf)
MAY 6  Fish Tank (2009, Arnold)

We've also got some tie-in screenings coming up in West Orange and South Orange.

Gerard Amsellem will be presenting Love and Anarchy as part of the West Orange Classic Film Festival in February.  Tickets are available on Fandango.  You do not have to have a SOPAC membership to participate in this screening.

FEB 4 Love & Anarchy (1973, Wertmüller)

The Friends of the South Orange Library will host several FREE screenings on weeknights at 7pm.  You do not have to have a SOPAC membership to participate in these screenings.

FEB 27  Salaam Bombay! (1988, Nair)
MAR 22 The Taste of Others (2000, Jaoui)
APR 24 My Life Without Me (2003, Polley)
MAY 31 Whale Rider (2002, Caro)

That's a ton of movies!  We're very excited to bring these films to you and hear your unique insights at our post-film discussions.  Get your tickets now, and don't forget to tell your friends!