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Gerard speaks to Essex News Daily

Gerard Amsellem spoke to Essex News Daily about La Cinémathèque's Israeli Film Series and the importance of quality cinema education.  

"Israel is a very tiny country and we talk about Israel a lot.  Since the 1980s, there have been a lot of filmmakers coming from Israel, and there are very strong films connected to everything from political affiliations to questions of existential beliefs."

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Israeli Series Guest Speaker

It is our absolute pleasure to announce that for select Israeli film series screenings we will have a guest lecturer, Dr. Samuel Peleg.

Guest lecturers at La Cinémathèque are an important part of our educational experience.  They provide a much deeper cultural understanding of the works we screen and can provide insights beyond what we may be able to do on our own.  This is why we couldn't be happier that Dr. Peleg will be joining us and bringing his expertise in conflict analysis and resolution and political science to these select Israeli series screenings at the SOPAC.

Dr. Peleg's full bio:

Dr. Samuel (Muli) Peleg is a professor and researcher who specializes in conflict analysis and conflict resolution, negotiation, decision making, leadership and intercultural/inter-organizational communication. He is currently the Rutgers University Political Science Department’s Director of Development for the newly established MA Program in UN and Global Policy Studies, as well as the Director of the Rutgers University-Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto exchange program. He was a visiting faculty member at the negotiation and conflict resolution program (NECR) at Columbia University (2009-2013). Dr. Peleg is a research fellow at the Stanford Center for International Conflict resolution and negotiation (SCICN). He is the author of several books and articles about his areas of expertise. Among his publications are Spreading the Wrath of God: From Gush Emunim to Rabin Square (1997, Hebrew), Zealotry and Vengeance-quest of Religious Identity Group (2002, Lexington Books); If Words Could Kill: the Failure of Public Discourse in Israel (2003, Hebrew University Press), and Fighting Terrorism in the Liberal State (2006, IOS Press). His new book Identity and the Coordinated Management of Meaning will be published in early 2016.
Dr. Peleg studies negotiation processes and peace-building operations and has been a top advisor on leadership and negotiations to the Peres Center for Peace. In this capacity he had taken part in several rounds of peace negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians as well as Israelis and Jordanians. He has also counseled the Prime Minister’s office, the Foreign Office and the National Security Council. Currently, Professor Peleg serves as a Fellow and board member of The Martin Luther King- Realizing the Dream Foundation as well as serving on the advisory board of the Justice Project. In 2003, Dr. Peleg was a founding member of One Voice, an organization which promotes reconciliation between the various factions of the Israeli society as well as between Israelis and Palestinians.
In 2005 Dr. Peleg was invited to participate in the terrorism research committee at the distinguished Club de Madrid. A year later, in May 2006, he won the NATO research award for the study of terrorism in liberal states. Dr. Peleg is one of the core group researchers of Peace Journalism, an ongoing project on a more balanced and contextualized media coverage of conflicts.
Dr. Peleg is a senior adviser on negotiation, decision-making and leadership to several non-profit organizations such as Communities without Boundaries and the social protest movement in Israel and to business firms including Negotiated Solutions, Inc. and CMS- Conflict management strategies. He is on the Advisory Committee of the Justice project and the CMM-Coordinated management of meaning Institute.

Dr. Peleg will speak at select SOPAC Israeli series screenings, including the first film, Cup Final on Sept. 25.  Membership for the series is available through the SOPAC box office online, by phone, or in person.  Your membership covers all five SOPAC screenings only; admission to individual SOPAC screenings is not available and tickets to the JCC screenings must be purchased separately.  For more information on the Israeli series click here, or see our calendar for a complete list of screenings and events.