Introducing Great Directors at La Cinémathèque!


This summer, we will bring you day-long film experiences, providing an introduction and insight into the work of some of history’s most important filmmakers.  

The format for the Great Directors involves a film from early in the director’s career, a break for lunch and socializing, discussion, a film from later in the same director’s career, and a final discussion comparing and contrasting the films, analyzing the themes, and understanding the artist’s creative process.

If you are interested in understanding what lies beneath the surface of a masterpiece and engaging in active discussion with other film enthusiasts, this event is not to be missed!

Great Directors for Summer 2016 will kick off on Saturday, July 23 when we dive into the work of French New Wave filmmaker Alain Resnais.  We will follow this on Saturday, August 6 with an in depth exploration of the works of American independent master John Cassavetes. 

Tickets for Alain Resnais.
Tickets for John Cassavetes.

Admission for one event is $30.  For a limited time, get $10 off if you purchase tickets for both events with discount code FilmSummer16!  Don’t miss these exciting events!  Sign up on the SOPAC website.