More News for 'La Création jusqu'au bout'

Newly returned from France, director Gerard Amsellem has been featured in another news article and a blog post.  He spent the last few weeks filming interviews and locations for upcoming documentary, La Création jusqu'au bout, about the life and work of painter Bernard Réquichot.


An American wants to make a film on B. Réquichot

Caption: The director (second from the right) was welcomed by Sylvie Hersemeule, the mayor, and inhabitants.

Bernard Réquichot, who was born in Asnières in 1929, lived in the villa of Saint Gilles for many years.  He is a well-known painter and writer who died in Paris in 1961.  Gerard Amsellem, teacher of French and cinema in the United States, hopes to direct a 15-20 minute short film.  "We got shots in the Saint Gilles villa this morning and we want to explore the places where he lived to better understand his visions," said Gerard Amsellem, who would like to find funds to direct a 52 minute documentary.

With his cameraman, he wandered and filmed the empty path of Trompe Souris.  "I would like for Réquichot to get the recognition he deserves in the world of art, and I've been in touch with the painter's niece who supports the project," he added while discussing with Sylvie Hersemeule, the president of the Heritage Association.  The director dreams of showing his idol's work in the USA.

Blog Post: On the Trail of Bernard Réquichot in Asnières-sur-Vègre

On the Trail of Bernard Réquichot in Asnières-sur-Vègre
Gerard Amsellem’s visit, filmmaker and artist…
Thursday, November 11, 2015
by Pierre Sternberger for Asnières-sur-mon-blog

Translation (original here):

From 1953 to 1956, Bernard Réquichot collaborated alongside museum curator Melle Preé on the restoration of the murals in the romanesque church in Asnières-sur-Vègre.

Gerard Amsellem, filmmaker and painter, arrived in Asnières from New York on November 3, 2015, to follow the footsteps of Bernard Réquichot, painter, writer, and native of Asnières-sur-Vègre.

Ever an admirer, he has set himself to directing a documentary on the life and work of Bernard Réquichot.

After corresponding by mail between France and the USA, Sylvie Hersemeule, President of the Heritage Association of Asnières, and Jean Emile, administrator, had to organize a very short, two-day visit for Gerard Amsellem and his cameraman, Mike.

After a trip to Réquichot’s birthplace, Amsellem came to see the frescoes in the church where Jean Emile pointed out the paint under the whitewash, still visible in the choir, exposing many layers of paintings corresponding to different time periods.

Sylvie Hersemeule had organized a meeting with Jean-Pierre Bourrély, mayor, and François Beaugey and his spouse, big champions of Réquichot's memory. 

A press briefing was made at the Café Associatif of Relais Saint-Hilaire in the presence of Médérie Boquet, cultural coordinator of the Manoir de la Cour.

During this time, Mike continued his location shooting all around the village.

At the end of the next morning, Paul Lesage, honorary mayor of Asnières-sur-Vègre, received Gerard at his home to speak about the Réquichot family, whom he knew well.

The Réquichot family were regular clients of the grocery that his parents kept in the Rue Principale, which wasn’t yet renamed Rue Saint-Hilaire.

Gerard Amsellem's visit was very interesting and we hope it allowed him to collect enough information and images for creating his documentary on Bernard Réquichot, his life, and his work, which will be titled “La Creation Jusqu’au Bout”.