'La Création jusqu'au bout' in the French News

Director Gerard Amsellem has been in France working on his latest project, La Création jusq'au bout, a documentary based on the life of painter Bernard Réquichot.  While there, he and his efforts were featured in local newspapers, including a write-up in Le Main Libre and an interview with Ouest France, both on Thursday, November 5.


On the trail of the painter Réquichot

The work of Bernard Réquichot, iconic painter of the post-war era, born in Asnières-sur-Vègre in 1929, should see a little light and media coverage soon thanks to an American filmmaker, Gerard Amsellem (photo).  Long passionate about the unusual life and work of this artist, Gerard Amesellem, a painter himself, follows the footsteps of Réquichot in Sarthe and Paris.  Objective: to supply testimonies and images in a documentary which will soon be dedicated to him.


A film project on Bernard Réquichot

A director, based in the USA, has started shooting a documentary about the painter, born in Asnières, who inspires him.

Caption: The director (second from the right) is welcomed in a neighborhood cafe in Asnières, in the company of the mayor and locals.

He took a sabbitcal and left the United States to follow his passion: the paintings of Bernard Réquichot, who was born in Asnières and died in 1961.

Gerard Amsellem, teacher of cinema and French in a New Jersey high school, filmed shots of Asnières on Tuesday.  The goal: "to direct a short film, from fifteen to twenty minutes, first and foremost," he said, a painter himself.  And to carry out test shots before setting to work on a "fifty-two minute documentary on Bernard Réquichot, who was quite artistic and not very mainstream."

Notably, he filmed the house in Saint-Gilles.  "It's through the exploration of the details of the man, the place he lived, that one understands the work of the artist."

Why traverse the Atlantic for such a project?  "Bernard Réquichot has never had his proper recognition in the world of art."   The director described himself as "impassioned". 

He grew up in France and saw all the painter's expositions, whose work is now on display at the Pompidou Center in Paris.  "He's someone who fascinated me.  And then, one year, I was looking online, and I realized there was almost nothing on him."  From there, the documentary project was born.

Gerard Amsellem got in touch with Aleth Prime, the painter's niece, who looks after his work.  "She supports my project."  He would like to film the depths of the artist.

All that's left is to find financial partners.  "A production house in Nantes has shown interest; we're in discussion.  This won't bring me any money," assured the director.  
He has already shot "little films" and has "a little production house in the US."  He dreams of bringing to light the work of his idol.