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UNDERTOW (2010) Javier Fuentes-León

Miguel is happily married to Mariela, who is pregnant with their first child, and the couple are well respected in their community and active in the local church. But Miguel is also in love with Santiago, an artist, and the two have secretly been having an affair. Santiago drowns one evening while swimming, and his ghost visits Miguel, telling him that his spirit will not know peace until Miguel finds the courage to tell the community about their love.

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This film is part of our Fall 2019 Latin American Film Series.  Membership for all four films can be purchased via SOPAC.

The Latin American film series features four important and award-winning films from Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and Peru. Post-screening discussions will center around the culture and politics of each country as presented in the films as well as the artistic content and human interest stories.

SUN, DEC 8 at 2PM | Undertow (2010)
Directed By: Javier Fuentes-León (Peru)
Awards Highlights: Sundance, Philadelphia QFest (2)
Nomination Highlights: GLAAD, Cartagena

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