I believe that creativity is a pure attempt to feel the emptiness, the void and the loss inside.
— Gerard Amsellem

I write
I scream

Je crie

February 7 2011 would have been my brother’s 58th birthday. For the past two years I commemorated his birthday by expressing the void he left in my life, through my creations. The first show was in 2009 and it was called 7 Stars from You, 7 Stars to You. In that show I exhibited 7 of my stars and 7 of his stars.

The second show was in 2010 and was a series of my paintings before and after his death.

This show is an expression of the void he left in my life.

The title is: J’écris, je crie, I Write, I Scream.

My brother was a painter, a writer and a conceptual artist. He loved to play with words not unlike the title I chose for this show.

I created three canvases which was inspired by his creativity, his presence and absence.

On one wall you will see my canvases with writings about my feelings.

These writings are my scream which express my difficulty in accepting that he is not here.

On the opposite wall you will see some of my brother’s work.

In the last few years of his life we had wanted to create a show together. This current show is the essence of our combined work.

This is it ...and I scream for his absence

 To my brother

 For my brother