Before & After

"Today my brother would have been 57 years old. Last year I showed 7 stars by him and I created 7 stars for him. From me to him. That was our first show together. This year I chose to show the paintings I didbefore and after his death. In my eulogy of him I said that I would represent the continuation of his creativity and his contribution to the world.

There are 20 paintings, pastels, mixed media on wood or acrylic on canvas in this show.

13 from before his death.

7 completed after his death.

The first 13 paintings were created while he was still alive when we discussed having a show together, the last 7 are works that I produced after his death. The impact of his absence on my paintings, my grief and pain are in my paintings.


From the Inside is the name of the series from before his death.

From the inside comes the strength, the passion, and the impossible which is without definition until the end.
Each person contributes to the world vibrations and the sum of their inner experience. By going inside we explore our self image, our being and our view of the world.

Unleash everything, express without limit, scream with all your being.


From The Higher Side is the name of the series of 7 paintings completed after his death.

When I feel what is not there anymore I replace it with a vision beyond human existence. I look at the sky, the water, the trees and I feel my brother’s soul in my paintings.

Quiet, peaceful with a trace of infinity. To his soul with all of me.

To my brother, to his paintings, to my family, to creation and endlessness."

February 7 2010