7 Stars for You


7 stars from you
7 stars to you
From my brother
To my brother

7 étoiles de toi
7 étoiles pour toi
De mon frère
Pour mon frère

Today is February 7, 2009. It is my brother’s birthday. He passed away 19 months ago. He would have been 56 years old today. He died when he was 54 years old. In a few months I will turn 54 and will have lived longer than he.
I will have outlived him.

Our lives were connected through a great relationship made stronger by painting and by exploring artistic visions. We always had a plan to show some of our works together and as it turns out, this is our first exhibition together.

It’s a story of two lives and a deeper connection than anything else life can bring.

When he disappeared I understood that I had to continue our planned project and integrate my work and his work as one. This is our first common show and a commemoration of his work and life.

In this show I take one group of his work of seven stars because seven is his number and his birth date. I offer seven of my stars based on our world, his absence, what he left and what I will continue without him.

Under the stars from the sky we are together
Under the universe

The sun
The life
And expression

To my brother Alain.